3D Lip Shading

Forget the Fillers! Volumizing Lip Tattoos from an Internationally-Licensed Aesthetician in Novi

3D Lip Shading - Semi Permanent Tattoo in Novi | Microblading by Kasha - 3d-lip-outlining-by-kashaTake your pout to the next level with permanent 3D lip makeup from Microblading by Kasha! 

Celebrities, beauty influencers, and more have brought full, symmetrical lips into the limelight, and this look is here to stay. While some women were born with naturally-beautiful lips, the rest of us resort to overlining our lips and wishing they were larger. There’s always the promise of lip fillers, which, if done correctly, can look beautiful. However, it seems as if more times than not, these lip injections are botched and end up looking like a permanent “duck face”. While fillers may be worth the risk for some, they usually only last a little under a year, and seriously, who can keep the image of fake-looking lips out of their head when considering injections? There has to be a better option for us ladies, and luckily, Microblading by Kasha has it. Multi-licensed Kasha uses 3D lip shading technology to give women the pouts of their dreams, all without injections! 

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Kasha works with each of her clients to create a look that complements their unique natural beauty. 

No two faces are alike, and Kasha uses her talents to create a unique 3D lip tattoo for each of her clients. Before she does the actual shading, she evaluates each client’s face shape, lip size, lip color, and more to ensure the perfect application. She’ll draw on an outline and ensure that it’s exactly the shape and size you desire, confirming with you before she gets to work. Her process is unique, as it doesn’t deposit solid, flat color onto your lips. Her unique 3D shading tool allows her to do a gradient-style application, meaning that your lips will appear to look larger and have more depth. Other tattoo applications look bright and fake, but Kasha’s will give your lips the volume and natural look you’ve been searching for. The results last anywhere from three to five years, sometimes more! 

Tattoos usually hurt, should I be concerned about pain?

The lips are a very sensitive area of the body, so pain is a natural concern. Kasha does everything that she can to ensure her patients are as comfortable as possible, and if the procedure becomes painful, she will take breaks as needed. However, the temporary pain is definitely warranted, as your results are beautiful and last for years! 


  • Varies by Client, Prices Start at $450

Terms and Conditions:

  • Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
  • A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required to hold appointment (except consultation) and is applied toward remaining balance.
  • You will be required to provide a debit/credit card upon booking for the purpose of late cancellations and/or no-shows.
  • 72-hour notice required for all reschedules and cancellations. Deposit may be used for a later date. Failure to comply will result in a fee.
  • If you are up to 15 minutes late, your time is reduced and you are still responsible for 100% of the service fee. Being more than 15 minutes late requires an appointment reschedule and your deposit is forfeited, requiring a new deposit to hold another appointment.
  • All service fees are non-refundable upon completion.
  • Any changes requested upon completion and after leaving the studio will require another booking at an additional service fee.
  • All no call/no-shows, same-day cancellations, or reschedules are automatically charged 100% of the service fee.
  • If an emergency arises, you must provide proper medical documentation.
  • There is a NO GUEST policy due to cross-contamination, including children and pets.

To request a 3D lip shading consultation and get the full lips you’ve always wanted, contact Microblading by Kasha today!