Frequently-Asked Questions About Microblading by Kasha

Kasha compiled a few of her clients’ most commonly-asked questions to familiarize you with her process.

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Why should you consider microblading?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably sick of drawing on or filling in your brows, and for good reasons: it’s time consuming, frustrating, and can leave you feeling self-conscious if not done to your perfect standards. Luckily, microblading solves all of these problems! If you’re picturing Sharpie-like, blocky eyebrow tattoos of the past, think again. Microblading is your answer for long -lasting, natural-looking brows that last through water, sweat, and sleep! The technique depends on the tiny microblade, a handheld tool that is used to carefully draw each hair stroke and blend in with your existing hairs. No eyebrows? Overplucked brows? No problem! When added with shading, no one will be able to tell that your brows are actually entirely semi-permanent makeup! Microblading by Kasha is Novi’s best destination for microblading, as Kasha is committed to the beauty and comfort of each of her clients. She has created countless brow transformations and can do amazing work on your brows, as well! Say goodbye to spending excessive time and money on your brows with a semi-permanent solution: Microblading by Kasha!

What is Kasha’s microblading process?

Once you book an appointment with Kasha, she’ll get to know your makeup preferences and lifestyle. Do you do a full-glam look every day or prefer simple, minimal makeup? Do you like a straighter brow or prefer a more defined arch? After getting to know this information, Kasha will measure and sketch an outline of your new eyebrows right onto your face. She’ll have you smile, make a straight face, laugh, and more to ensure that your brows match the symmetry of your face and showcase your eyes. From there, Kasha will match you to the ideal brow color and she’ll get to work creating your dream eyebrows!

The actual microblading consists of Kasha applying a topical anesthetic and letting it permeate into the skin for 20 minutes. This ensures that your discomfort is as minimal as possible. From there, Kasha makes small, precise hair-like incisions with a microblade and deposits your customized color into them to create realistic looking hairs. The process takes anywhere from two to three hours, and the result is natural brows that are as beautiful as you are!

Does it hurt?

Nearly each of Kasha’s patients asks if the microblading process hurts. While each individual’s pain and discomfort levels vary, most of her patients do not complain about any pain. Kasha has even had a patient fall asleep during her process! She uses a topical anesthetic and lets it sit into the skin so you can experience as little discomfort as possible.