Feel Beautiful in Your Own Skin with Semi-Permanent Makeup Services from an Internationally-Certified Microblading Specialist

Get Instagram-worthy eyebrows AND save time each morning with microblading services from Kasha! The results look natural and last for up to three years - what are you waiting for?


Worried about wrinkles? Fine lines? Acne scars? Kasha’s microneedling services boost the collagen in your skin for a fresh, smooth, and glowing complexion!

3D Lip Shading

Do you desire the look of fuller lips but aren’t sure if fillers are for you? Kasha’s 3D lip shading talents are boundless, giving you the pout you’ve always dreamed of for a longer-lasting result than fillers!

“Go see her if you want some awesome brows!”
Google Review Five Stars
Kasha is a true artist, a professional, and a perfectionist, not to mention an absolutely lovely being. I am thoroughly delighted with her work and highly recommend her services! Jennifer L.
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Beautiful Brows, Skin, and Lips by Novi’s Sought-After Certified Microblading Specialist

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Microblading by Kasha is your answer when you want to enhance your existing natural beauty.

Whether you desire microblading, microneedling, or 3D lip shading, Kasha offers her clients natural, stunning results. She provides each of her clients with an experience worth looking forward to in a comfortable, sterile atmosphere! She’s certified in both the USA and Europe, and is fully licensed for your peace of mind.

After years of using brow pencils, powders, stencils, and maybe even stamps, you’re sick and tired of not having naturally-perfect brows as you see on Instagram.

Underneath the makeup you apply to them every day, your eyebrows remain sparse, fine, and barely there. Each morning, you tediously fill them in (which can take up to 15 minutes), and each evening, you return home to see that they’ve smudged or rubbed off. If you’re using the wrong colors, tools, products, or techniques, your brows can look blocky and fake. Who knew that eyebrows could be such a fuss and confidence breaker? Luckily, a breakthrough known as microblading recently arrived in the beauty world, and it’s changing the way women feel about their brows! Microblading by Kasha understands that your eyebrows are one of your most unique, noticeable facial features, so she takes pride in delivering a semi-permanent solution that enhances your face in the most natural way possible.

How will microblading benefit me?

You may be thinking “semi-permanent?” or “is getting a tattoo on my face really the right solution for me?” Not to worry! Unlike tattoo machines used to create solid, blocky eyebrows, Kasha uses sterile microblades which penetrate the superficial layer of the dermis (your skin). These blades release pigment into the skin, leaving you with soft, hair-like strokes that mimic the natural shape, color, and look of your brows. Since each brow hair is drawn by hand, Kasha can achieve a much more customized look, producing the full, beautiful brows you’ve always envied. The best part? Your microbladed brows last for up to two years, sometimes even three! Kasha consults with all of her clients on an individual basis, producing results worth flaunting!

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If you are unhappy with the way your eyebrows, skin, or lips look, Kasha has exactly what you’ve been searching for. Say goodbye to the early mornings, lack of confidence, and hassle, and hello to a new bold, beautiful you!